Realtime Translation and
Voice To Text CART Services

Advertisers spend hard-earned dollars to get their message across, so why not assure fans are able to comprehend everything that’s said, including PA announcements, promotions, and advertisements?  Many fans, because of hearing impairment, are unable to hear or comprehend audio announcements, and live captioning will add that dimension to your advertising.

While seated with a group of friends, some fans may miss an audio promotion due to the surrounding conversation, but they’ll see the captions scroll across the screen.  And what about those always hard-to-hear bar room situations?  Realtime captioning enhances everyone’s participation in the game, not just those with impairment.

Good Sport Captioning can provide venue captioning from their remote location, alleviating space allocation requirements in your scoreboard control room.   This allows our experienced captioners the necessary concentration level to make accurate choices when writing in excess of 250 words per minute.

While Good Sport Captioning’s focus has been primarily on large entertainment venues, Good Sport also places CART writers (Communication Access Realtime Translation) in educational and conference environments to assure students’ and other participants’ access to the learning environment.  Depending upon the venue, the captioner/CART writer will either be remote or onsite.  Many variables are taken into consideration when determining where to place the writer, so the whole environment must be evaluated.



In-Venue Closed Captioning

Improve Crowd Interaction