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CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) is very similar to closed captioning that can be viewed on television, but with CART, there is no video/picture involvement. Sometimes the terms “CART” and “captioning” are used interchangeably, but there is a slight distinction to be made.
CART can be used in the classroom, convention, wedding, and funeral; anywhere that it’s necessary to communicate through text to an audience.
There are four main items:
  • A screen (amber board, video board, etc.) with capability to handle captions.
  • Two analog telephone lines (for sending data and audio).
  • Phone hybrid (for sending audio signal to remote captioning site).
  • External business modem.
The time between the audible announcement and the display on the video board is 3-5 seconds, which can be attributed to sending the audio feed to the captioner, the captioner comprehending the audio and creating the text, then sending the text back to the venue for display.
It’s a three-step process.
  • Determine start time of captioning segment.
  • Set start date for implementation.
  • Call Good Sport Captioning one month prior to implementation to secure time slot. We will make arrangements to come onsite, if necessary, or work remotely through your scoreboard personnel to set up captioning.

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