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Good Sport Captioning offers Captioning and Computer-Aided Realtime Translation (CART) solutions to sports teams and other large arena venues. Our solutions allow your audience to follow up and fully engage with your events on a scoreboard, mobile device, or standalone LCD display.

Our services are often utilized in conventions, educational environments, or even smaller venues, depending on your logistics. Many people with hearing impairment have difficulty keeping up with what’s being said. Good Sport Captioning provides text solutions to make sure everyone can comprehend meaning in real time.

Our Experience

Patti White, the principal of Good Sport Captioning, has over 30 years of experience in the industry, and started captioning in the 90’s, when the industry was in its infancy. We maintain the highest level of education and certifications issued by the National Court Reporters Association, including the Certified Realtime Captioner certification.

We require our writers to stay abreast in the industry by fulfilling Continuing Education Units (or CEUs) for their respective certifications. We screen our writers to make sure they understand your industry and have the skillset to type at over 250 words per minute. We can connect with your venue via a standard telephone audio dial up or through an IP connection.

Why Good Sport Captioning

Initially, Patti White started Good Sport Captioning in 2006 to help Americans with disabilities. Since then, our client base has grown, allowing us to offer our services both onsite and remotely, including both students and English Language Learners.

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